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    Montenegro has been trying for years to be a regional leader in promotion of rights of LGBTIQ people. If you ask those working in this area, dissatisfaction with the conditions is almost a unique attitude. The road is thorny, full of obstacles and we almost have not started yet. NGO activists, members of the community and their friends are constantly victims of attacs and it seems to be a trend which is constant. Read More

    School of Democratic Leadership (SDL) shall organize one-day event at the Hotel „Centre Ville" in Capital Plaza on 14 June 2017, for the members of XV generation of SDL and SDL alumni. Read More

     Discrimination in terms of employment NGO "35mm", member of Civic Alliance, starts today with the project "E-democracy in Montenegro" with the aim to inform citizens about the problems in society, development of civic identity and awareness of individuals and their active participation and involvement in resolving of social changes. Read More
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Civic Alliance (CA) invites You to join us and contribute to construction of civic and democratic Montenegrin society based on the Rule of Law.

CA wants to contribute to the process of establishing a civic and democratic society, through building, strengthening and supporting civic initiatives, protection and promotion of Human Rights and control of the state institutions.

Our values are truth, justice, peace, tolerance, responsibility, equality, team work, activism, transparency and cooperation.

You can help and contribute to our mission by:
- Sharing ideas, comments and suggestions on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Offering your time and expertise as volunteer in our programs:



Donate and support the fight for the rule of law society and respect for Human Rights through our programs and becamo Civic Alliance partner.
Your contribution is significant and represents an additional motivation in our future work!

The advance can be payed in two ways:

1. By bank transfer

The advance can be payed by classic bank transfer to the bank account of the Civic Alliance.

The instructions for paying the advance by classic bank transfer you can download here.

When you pay the advance by classic bank transfer, please send us the name and surname of the sender of money so that we can recive the advance.

2. By credit card

You can pay the advance by credit card (Visa Card and Master Card) on the Bank Account of the owner of Civic Alliance. Payment by credit card is absolutely safe and it is performed by processing center NLB Montenegrobanka.

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Address: St. Studentska, no. 21/a
               81000 Podgorica, Montenegro
Tel/fax: +382 20 513 687