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    Nongovernemtal foundation „Civic Alliance" organized the action „Live Library" in the framework of the European Antirasistic Movement (EGAM „Roma Pride", in cooperation with NGO Young Roma, Center for Democratic Transition (CDT) and NGO „Roma organization Walk with us – Phiren Amenca". Read More
  • Strengthening of responsibility of women and youth in public and political life

    Seminar that will jointly organize SDL and School of Political Studies of Council of Europe from Bosnia and Herzegovina will take place from 6 until 8 October in Petrovac. Read More
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Civic Alliance strongly believes that good governance principles should be foundation for sustainable development and creation of equality for all in our society. This means that authority and its institutions are accountable, effective and efficient, participatory, transparent, responsive, consensus-oriented, and equitable. In order to reach such state citizens must be empowered to participate in meaningful ways in decision-making processes and represent control mechanism that advances the performance of institutions.

CA therefore sees as its primary tasks the education of diverse groups, including decision makers, media, civil and business sector; strengthening of civic awareness, as well as informing of citizens and supporting civic initiatives and civic organizations that share the same values. With the aim of networking all CA activities, this program area shall provide strategic support to all remaining activities, by collecting and analyzing important data aiming at placing them in the context of system problems and formulating adequate solutions and better quality of public representation in cooperation with relevant actors. Cross-border cooperation with the media productions is directed towards reconciliation, conjoined life and issues of economic and social character is one of the goals contributing to accelerating integration processes in the region.

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