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 Discrimination in terms of employment

NGO "35mm", member of Civic Alliance, starts today with the project "E-democracy in Montenegro" with the aim to inform citizens about the problems in society, development of civic identity and awareness of individuals and their active participation and involvement in resolving of social changes.

Starting from April, topics that will be presented to public through the platform TiceMe.Se are based on researches and analysis from the program of Civic Alliance members and its partners.

Through the campaign on social networks, live streams, info-graphics and interaction with citizens who will use the platform TiceMe.Se, we will promote universal democratic values, respect of human rights and the rule of law.

We will devote special attention to topics, such as discrimination in terms of employment, hatred towards others and different people, citizens' perception of judiciary and prosecution, media freedom, participation of citizens, competences of the police in treatment of citizens, corruption in the health care system, rights of workers, patients and consumers, environment, etc.

Discrimination in terms of employment in Montenegro, is the opening topic, devoted to social anomalies and proposals for their solution. 507 people from nine municipalities participated in this research. The sample covered 80% of unemployed people. On question about the presence of discrimination in terms of employment, 69% of respondents said it was largely present, 27% said discrimination was present to a small extent, and only 2% said it was not present at all. Discrimination by political affiliation is mostly emphasized (83,8%), than discrimination based on gender (65%), on age (64,5%) and nationality (64%). Reporting of cases of discrimination in terms of employment to competent institutions occurred only in 4% of cases.

We invite all citizens to involve via TiceMe.Se platform and give their contribution in creation of better society in Montenegro.

Kristina Ćetković,
Media Program Coordinator
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