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A two-day multicultural camp dedicated to various issues related to the position of Roma and Egyptians in Montenegro ended yesterday.

The goal of the multicultural camp was to help young decision-makers better understand the importance of social inclusion, as well as to familiarize themselves with standards and good practices, which contributes to the understanding of the importance of reducing ethnic distance and increasing tolerance and mutual understanding.

A series of workshops attended by around 20 young members of political parties and representatives of the Roma community took place. During two days, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the issues of ethnic distance, with special reference to the Roma and Egyptian communities, how it can be overcome, and how different aspects of culture and tradition affect the position of the minority population in society.

During various activities, the participants stated that during this camp, they learned for the first time something more about the arrival of Roma and Egyptians in our country, as well as other interesting facts about their language, traditions, and culture. Particularly inspiring were the stories about the family and social life of the RE population, as well as prominent and insufficiently visible individuals who, despite challenges, achieved success in various fields of life.

Examples of good practices of initiatives and services implemented in the municipalities of Bijelo Polje and Berane served as inspiration for the proposal to improve policies in the fields of education, employment, social protection, and traditional culture.

During the camp, the latest publication of the Civic Alliance was presented, dedicated to the main characteristics of culture, customs, and traditions of national minorities in Montenegro, as well as minority rights.

The activity was organized as part of the project “Acquainting with Tolerance and social inclusion”, supported by the Fund for the Protection and Exercising of Minority Rights.