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Annual meeting of European Network for fight against racism took place in Berlin, from 19 until 22 November. The Network counts almost 30 organizations from the whole Europe, where Mr Edin Koljenovic, Program Coordinator in nongovernmental foundation Civic Alliance participated. Annual meeting is the opportunity for gathering of all members at one place, for summarizing of achieved results and discussing about initiated campaigns and their successes. During the meeting, annual plan for implementation of activities at the European level has been drafted, while organizing of the Reconciliation Caravan for Youth has been planned for the Western Balkan Region. Reconciliation Caravan is the campaign aiming to gather youth from the region and Europe, through interactive program and learning through traveling and visiting of key places related to war crimes from the period of nineties.

During this year’s meeting in Berlin, representatives of YIHR organized meetings with international and nongovernmental organizations that are dealing with youth exchange program, so they can be informed about the process of establishing of Regional Office for Youth Cooperation, which is taking place in the frame of the Berlin Process and thus exchange experience. Successful meetings took place with representatives of French and German Office for Youth Cooperation, French and Poland Office for Youth Cooperation and organization Schuler Helfen Leben that implements projects related to youth cooperation in the Western Balkan region for years.