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The initiative to form a women’s councilors’ club is gaining more and more importance at the national level, so soon, an agreement will be signed on establishing the fourth such club, this time in Nikšić. This significant step represents another advance in promoting women’s rights and increasing women’s political engagement at the local level.

Based on the already established clubs in Bijelo Polje, Ulcinj, and Podgorica, the initiative to form the women’s club in Nikšić was introduced by Ksenija Milović, councilor in the Nikšić Municipality Assembly. Together with her colleagues, Ksenija recognized this institute’s importance in contributing to improving women’s social position, promoting their rights, and participating in the political process. Cooperation between the Civic Alliance (CA) and women councilors in the Nikšić Municipal Assembly was achieved very quickly, and a joint meeting was held yesterday where it was decided to sign an agreement on establishing a women councilors’ club in this city.

The activity of forming women councilors’ clubs was initiated through the CA’s project “Platform for achieving gender equality,” supported by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights. Pavle Ćupić, the project coordinator, presented the project to the councilors. In addition, activities related to the establishment and future functioning of the club were agreed upon.

Councilor Ksenija Milović stated the willingness of women councilors in the Nikšić Municipal Assembly to create a strong and active platform that will contribute to a better representation of women’s interests in political processes and decision-making at the local level. She also emphasized their desire to encourage the participation of women in politics to ensure inclusiveness and diversity in making key decisions that shape our communities.

CA program director Milan Radović praised the women councilors’ initiative to start forming the Women’s Club in the Nikšić Municipal Assembly, emphasizing that the active involvement of women in political processes is crucial in building an inclusive and prosperous society.

At the meeting, it was agreed that councilors Anđela Mijanović and Ksenija Milović implement all the necessary procedures for establishing the Women’s Club of the Nikšić Municipal Assembly. Working together with other women councilors, they will develop strategies, plans, and activities aimed at improving gender equality, as well as establish open communication with all interested parties.

We invite all women councilors from other Montenegrin municipalities to join this important initiative because together, we can achieve real changes, attain gender equality, and be one step closer to forming a network of local councilor clubs. Such a network will contribute to creating a society that values diversity, in which every woman has the right to be heard and actively participate in creating the future of our society.