The trial of police officer Jovan Peković was supposed to be held today before the Basic Court in Nikšić due to allegations of causing serious bodily harm to his fellow citizen B.S. However, the hearing was postponed to 10 October because the defendant failed to answer the summons.

Namely, on 12 April, a video appeared on social media platforms showing Peković knocking B.S. down to the ground using physical force. At that moment, B.S. did not offer any resistance. This happened in the center of Nikšić in the daytime, in front of many citizens.

Two days after that, the competent prosecutor ordered that Peković be deprived of his liberty, and the criminal offense was qualified as abuse combined with the criminal offense of serious bodily harm.

The victim was interviewed by the police, where he stated that the police officer had attacked him after a short verbal conflict, knocking him down on the asphalt and hitting him twice.

On this occasion, the Police Directorate announced that they had taken all the measures and actions within their jurisdiction that Peković requested backup in order to deprive one person of liberty and that the intervention unit was dispatched to the scene. The Police Directorate also stated that the injured party asked for medical help, which was provided to him.

The defendant, Peković, did not appear at today’s hearing before the Basic Court, so the presiding judge issued a bench warrant.

It is important to note that police officers can use force or physical coercion only when the conditions for it are met, which was not the case here because the video clearly shows that B.S. did not offer resistance.

Any form of abuse, torture, infliction of physical injuries, as well as serious violations of human rights by police officers, must be sanctioned in accordance with the law.