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Some of activities presumed by this document imply organizing of unannounced visits to police stations, and Security Centers of the Police Directorate by trained monitors from Civic Alliance, who will communicate with persons deprived of liberty without police officers, have an insight into premises of these institutions and review documentation on detention, or deprivation of liberty, respecting the principles of protection of identity, but also receiving the consent of persons on which these data are about. Memorandum also presumes consultative meetings with representatives of Ministry of Interior – Police Directorate, Supreme Public Prosecution Office, and other interested parties, and promotion of understanding of human rights of persons deprived of liberty or persons in closed public institutions in Montenegro.

Cooperation prescribed by this Memorandum lasts for 12 months and its signing is the part activities of the project “Building free of torture and impunity societies at Western Balkan”, supported by the European Union.