The Civic Alliance (CA) welcomes the establishment of the Women’s Club in the Assembly of the Capital City of Podgorica. We are pleased by the fact that women councilors in the Capital City have recognized the importance of the association of women at the local level, which will certainly contribute to improving their position and having a more substantial influence on social processes.

The activity of establishing local women councilors’ clubs in Montenegro started a few months ago as part of the Civil Alliance project called “Platform for achieving gender equality,” implemented with the support of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights. The above-mentioned women’s clubs were previously founded in the municipal assemblies in Bijelo Polje and Ulcinj. Thus, after founding the Women Councilors’ Club in the Capital City, the third such club was formed in the last six months, which is a significant step towards creating an inclusive and fair society for all citizens of the Capital City.

The project “Platform for achieving gender equality” aims to strengthen women’s political engagement and promote their active participation in the political and public life of Montenegro. By forming women’s clubs in municipal assemblies, women councilors have the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge and work together to identify concrete solutions for improving the position of women in society.

We invite women councilors from all municipal assemblies in Montenegro to follow the example of Bijelo Polje, Ulcinj, and Podgorica councilors and start procedures for establishing women councilors’ clubs. The CA is ready to support such and similar initiatives, expecting that the establishment of a network of women councilors will follow, which would be the first platform and resource for providing support to women councilors in their work, as well as a platform for cooperation with the Women’s Club of the Parliament of Montenegro.

Pavle Ćupić, CA program coordinator