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This initiative gathered at one place more than 16 political parties from the region (Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo) of entirely different ideologies, who managed to find common domain in terms of values and ideals for which they should advocate jointly. Network was formally established on the two-days conference and after the signing of Declaration of commitment, all participants of the conference expressed enthusiasm and readiness for future cooperation, especially when it comes to joint advocating for improvement of different aspects of regional cooperation and respect of human rights in the region.

Despite large differences in standpoints, beliefs, and divisions the region brings, at the conference was more than successfully discussed about the very Statute of the Network, while consensus was achieved on the matters of needs for improvement of mutual communication in the future.

At the conference participated representatives of Montenegrin political youth organizations: Ilija Mlinarevic (DPS), Nikola Bajcetic (DF), Luka Rakcevic (PCG), Milica Kaludjerovic (SNP) and Neda Sukovic (SDP).

Part of organizations shall formally access to the Network after the confirmation and consideration of decision at managerial bodies of their parties.

31 March 2014

Program Coordinator
Edin Koljenovic