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After the Conference on Western Balkan, which took place last year in Berlin, when the Governments of the Western Balkan region started to spoke intensively and for the first time about the importance of establishing the office, this topic has become officially part of the so called Berlin Process. During 2014, Youth Initiative for Human Rights (member of Civic Alliance) intensively dealt with this idea, especially about the necessity of establishing of the office that would be established and opened by Governments, where the role of civil sector would be significant. In August 2015, Governments of the region officially signed the Declaration about necessity of establishing of this office, at the Conference in Vienna, and obliged they would work in that direction and provide concrete results until the next meeting in Paris.

Governments of the region countries currently actively work on this plan, while establishing of the Regional Working group that will work on the Study and propose concrete model, especially when it comes to this regional body, is under procedure.

H.E. Verionique Brumeaux emphasized at the meeting that, besides infrastructure projects, this was one of the topics that would be actual at the Conference in Paris. Mr Koljenovic presented previous activities of YIHR on this plan, and the current situation and challenges we face with in this process. Especially was emphasized importance of French and German Youth Office, which was involved in the process, and which, besides the support, provides concrete help in transferring knowledge and experience. Recognizing the importance of this process, at the meeting was considered the need for more intensive communication and exchange of information on this topic, in order to better respond on challenges until the next Conference about the Western Balkan that will take place in Paris, in August 2016.