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This is particularly important due to the fact that the experience of the Balkan wars before the end of the 20th century, showed that on this region, because of fascistic tendencies or classic dilettantism of the Balkan politicians – peace was not possible without strong presence of international community and political pressure on all the factors that profit on incitement of ethnical differences. Such is the situation in Macedonia and you have to make additional efforts to move from declarative commitment for peace establishment, reconciliation of good neighborly relations and coexistence – and take action where it will be seen that you are able to lead the civilized world. We have seen enough similar scenarios, and we all know how it began, and how little it takes to start the flood in this area; so this is also an appeal to strongly warn all of those people all who are ready to ruin constitutional order and peace in Macedonia for their own narrow interests, and to make impact, with the assistance of diplomatic mechanisms, on such a flows to be removed from political life, in order to prevent such a situation to spread on the entire region.

At the same time, it is surprising that the complete system for early detection of conflicts completely failed, despite strong institutional framework of support and developed network of contacts and presence on the terrain. We think that the work of that system should be thoroughly reviewed.

Because of the permanent commitment to universal values of democracy, the necessity to respect all the laws that protect men from violence and from endangering of fundamental rights – Civic Alliance refers you this letter as the form of warning and wake up call for the entire international community, to react on time and prevent further escalation of conflict, and to show us all that they are willing to be the factor of stability in the region, otherwise, it will strengthen the forces that cherish values that are contrary to liberal democracy, and you will be considered only as bureaucrats, with favorable positions, high salaries and nice rhetoric.

Contribution to this situation in Macedonia is your policy that stopped its European and Atlantic integration road, so we urge you to provide Macedonia to progress in this regard, which would have positive impact on the entire region.

Boris Raonić, President of CA
Darko Ivanović, Communication Director of CA