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Civic Alliance organized today, in the premises of the Civic House, an award ceremony for journalistic stories, as well as essays on the topic of promoting the culture, language, and traditions of Roma and Egyptians.

Prizes were awarded for the three best essays on the topic “The wealth of Roma culture is also our wealth”, as well as for three journalists whose journalistic stories on the topic of promotion of Roma culture and tradition were also chosen as the best. The activity was organized as part of the project “Acquaintance to Tolerance and Social Inclusion”, with the support of the Fund for the Protection and Exercising of Minority Rights.

Director Emir Dacić addressed the audience on behalf of the Fund for the Protection and Exercising of Minority Rights, who emphasized the importance of such activities for improving the position of all vulnerable groups, especially the Roma.

Civic Alliance also awarded the three best journalistic stories based on the promotion of Roma and Egyptian culture as part of the project “Inclusion to a better position of the Roma and Egyptian minority in Bar and Ulcinj” with the support of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights.

Once again, Civic Alliance congratulates all the awarded participants, hoping that in the future, through these and similar activities, we will jointly work on inclusion, reduction of discrimination, and affirmation of both Roma and Egyptians, as well as other vulnerable groups, and minority population in Montenegro.