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If the allegations about the discrimination of Roma children in the restaurant in Žabljak are accurate, we strongly condemn this treatment towards the members of this minority nation, and we consider that the decision of the prosecutor’s office that there are no elements of a criminal offense is unacceptable. Of particular concern is the fact that this is not the first time that the prosecutor’s office has assessed such and similar actions without the elements of a criminal offense for which they are prosecuted ex officio. We invite the prosecutor’s office to reconsider its decision and once again to reconsider the report submitted to them regarding this case. Additionally, we invite all other competent institutions to be actively involved in clarifying and resolving the mentioned case and presenting their evaluations.

It is not the first time Roma and Egyptians are treated this way in Montenegro, and the overall atmosphere for less numerous nations is very bad in such an environment. That’s why allegations about these and similar cases of discrimination must not remain unexplained, and the authorities must act responsibly and preserve the principles of tolerance, peace, and equality.