Ajsa Hadzibegovic is a youth worker with a master’s of Applied conflict transformation. Longtime volunteer at the World Organization of Scout Movement and the Red Cross, as in many other youth organizations in the country, on regional and international – European level. She was vice president of the Advisory Council for the Youth Directorate of Sports and Youth of the Council of Europe and a member of the Expert Working Group of the Council of Europe for Development and preliminary evaluation of the European Portfolio for youth workers and youth leaders (2004-2006). As a member of the Coordinating Committee she participated in developing the first National Plan of Action for Youth in Montenegro (2005-2006). Most recently she was member of Government’s working group for drafting the Strategy for development of NGOs in Montenegro (2013) and group for drafting the Law on Youth (2012-2013).

She was involved in RECOM coalition and has taken part in dialogue related to dealing with the past in ex-Yugoslavia. Ms Hadzibegovic is holding lectures at School of Democratic Leadership on the topic of “Dealing with the past concept and Montenegro’s role in war following break-down of Yugoslavia. Additionally, she has extensive experience in implementing trainings and facilitating groups on various topics ranging from conflict transformation, human rights, dealing with the past, youth work, non-formal education, inclusion and diversity, youth employment and citizens’ participation and activism… She has published several articles on the challenges of youth work, recognition of non-formal education, the concept of co-management, dealing with the past. Ajsa’s interest also involve in hiking and photography. With Vladimir she has daughters, Alisa and Silvia.