Boris Raonić is from Podgorica. Graduated from the Law School in Podgorica, he was active in Liberal Alliance of Montenegro and during his studying at the Faculty of Law he established one of the first

NGOs in Montenegro. He worked as a journalist but, since 2000 he was engaged in civil sector as the coordinator of Nansen Dialogue Center.

Boris was organizer of several environmental, civic and pacifistic activities in Montenegro.

He wrote a number of articles in the area of dialogue, tolerance, political culture and settlements resolving and the producer of a few documentaries about dealing past. Boris was a member of the National Council for European Integrations and managing bodies of few NGOs. Member of Council of Agency for electronic media.

Nowadays, he is Director of School of Democratic Leadership. Boris is international ski instructor and is active in mountain cycling, basketball and football.

He is married to Milena and is a father of Teodora, Nikola and Andrija.