Darko Ivanovic is from Podgorica. After completing high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Arts in Cetinje and Philosofical Faculty in Niksic. He worked in TVCG and INTV, ana also as an associate of a large number of foreign media as well as radio, newspapers and numerous periodicals..Graduated at FDA in Cetinje, Department of Film and TV-directing. He is author of over 100 commercials, TV campaigns, documentaries and feature films, aldough he is most known as author of TV series “Insider” and “Robin Hood”.

Member of governmental Commision for investigations on attacks on journalists and managing bodies of Trade unions of journalists of MNE. He loves movies, literature,comics, video games, passionate librarian and collector of monthly magazines,and owns great collection of films and comics. Fan of music and body art. Speaks several languages.