Dr Danilo Jokić, Prim. Dr Subspecialist for addiction diseases finished Medical Faculty in Belgrade and specialization in general medicine in 2001. He received the title of Primarius in 16 June, 2001. He worked at the Emergency Department until 2011. He is the founder of the first private medical institution for the treatment of addiction diseases in Montenegro “Anima Medica” (established 2011-2016). Since 2016, he has been employed at the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro, Bureau for Medical Protection. Since 2017, he has been engaged at the Reception Center – Spuž, as the associate physician. He is the lecturer at the Police Academy in Danilovgrad in subject Urgent conditions and narcotics. Danilo is permanent consultant in multiple clinics for the addiction diseases. He is a lecturer at numerous congresses, conferences, and seminars in the field of addiction diseases. He is also cooperator with more NGOs dealing with the prevention of addiction diseases, and with the emergency situations.

Danilo is married and a father of three. He speaks and writes English language.