Zoran Vujičić is from Podgorica. Having finished Gymnasium, he enrolled and graduated from the Law Faculty in Podgorica. Presently, he has been studying for M.A. at the Faculty of Economy. He is alumni of School of Democratic Leadership. Zoran also worked in Agrokor and Mercator as a manager. Nowadays, he works as the legal adviser in the nongovernmental foundation Civic Alliance. He participated in development of several reports about monitoring of judicial, health and electoral system in Montenegro. During the Parliamentary elections in 2016, he was one of the co-authors and coordinator of the report Monitoring of electoral campaign – “Tiče me se”.

Zoran also participated as the legal adviser on development of the report “Media Monitoring”. He is one of the authors of the Practical Guide for the work of the Police with vulnerable and marginalized social groups. He is the author of a large number of articles on the judicial system. Zoran is the member of the Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a member of the Working group for development of the Draft Law on amendments of Law on execution of conditional sentence and community sentence. He is also a member of the Parliamentary Commission for election of member of the Council of Agency for Prevention of Corruption.

Zoran is married to Zorka, with whom he has a son Matija.