Another Women’s Club has been founded in a local parliament in Montenegro. More precisely, the club was founded in Nikšić as the result of the joint work of councilors from the Municipality of Nikšić and the Civic Alliance, with the support of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights through the “Platform for Gender Equality” project.

The formation of the Women’s Club comes at a time of increasingly present domestic violence and discrimination against women, so we believe that the work of the aforementioned club, in addition to its formal role, will also bring essential changes necessary for our patriarchal environment. In addition to women, these positive changes will apply to children, the elderly, young people, people with disabilities, and others, but also to men because the activities of the councilors will create living conditions for a more orderly society, with a greater degree of respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Women in politics contribute to a broader perspective, bringing new ideas, experiences, and solutions. In the example of Norway, we can see how much greater involvement of women in politics directly contributes to creating a better and fairer society. More women in decision-making positions means greater diversity in political decisions, leading to a more inclusive society.

The club represents not only another step towards achieving gender equality in the local parliament but is also part of a wider effort to unite councilors from different parties around common topics of great importance to the citizens of Nikšić. Our goal is to work together to increase the capacity of female councilors to create and effectively implement policies in the field of gender equality.

In addition, the Women’s Local Councilor Club was formed in Bijelo Polje, Ulcinj, and the Capital city of Podgorica.

The Civic Alliance will continue to support activities that will lead to the establishment of women’s councilor clubs in other municipalities of Montenegro and strive to form a network of women’s councilor clubs at the national level.