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With the new web site www.gamn.org , we want to announce a new focus of Civic Alliance in 2018 and 2019 – negotiation Chapters 23 and 24 as the key indicators on which the dynamics of Montenegrin access to the EU countries largely depends.Experiences of the EU member states show that fulfilment of these chapters, which are dealing with judiciary and fundamental rights, justice, freedom and security, is the special challenge, because future countries have to be ready to become a part of the joint system that guarantees internal security of the EU. This segment is the most complex and the longest part of the overall process, because harmonization of legislation, regulatives and procedures of one country with the EU acquis is not only crucial in the accession process, but sets the strong foundation for the state legislative system of Montenegro.

For that reason, we believe that this focus is logical and all our programmes now take the direction for which social consensus has been long time ago achieved – the transition into the EU member state has to rest on fulfilment of these chapters.

Therefore, Human Rights and the Rule of Law and Media Programme, which make our activities recognizable; with the established accelerator of democratic processes for future leaders – School of Democratic Leadership, individually and in synergy – will contribute to the mentioned processes.

Because, together, we can make society better and the EU integrations obligation.