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Civic Alliance organized today the award ceremony for the best journalistic stories on promotion of  language and culture of Roma and Egyptians, within the project “Promotion of Roma culture and language”, with the support of Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights. Tomorrow is the World Day of Social Justice, and on that occasion we organized the awards ceremony. The awards ceremony attended Mr. Siniša Bjeković, Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms, Ms. Maida Gorčević, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Montenegro for Minorities and Tatjana Anđelić, Head in the Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights.On Civic Alliance competition for the best journalistic story on promotion of language and culture of Roma and Egyptians arrived 25 applications, and we use this opportunity to thank all interested journalists who certainly contributed to the promotion of Roma culture, but also their integration and reduction of stigmatization.

The evaluation committee did not have an easy task due to the number of stories received, as well as their quality and diversity in terms of coverage of topics. What the journalists predominantly dealt with in the submitted stories were the culture, language and tradition of Roma and Egyptians, their social and economic situation, underage marriages, and examples of successful individuals and positive practices.

Following the evaluation, the Commission chose to award the following stories:

The special award for the journalistic story about Selimović brothers from Mojkovac, went to Dijana Drašković. See the story about Selimović brothers at this link


The third prize for the best journalistic story shared Željka Vučinić for the story:

https://www.vijesti.me/vijesti/politika/501971/i-mandat-za-rome-test-za-novu-vlast and

Nardi Ahmetović and Anastasija Beriša for the story: https://romanet.me/vijesti/zlatna-ucenica/

The winners of the second prize are Milan Sekulović for the story:

https://www.dan.co.me/?nivo=3&rubrika=Drustvo&datum=2021-01-15&clanak=775579 and

Aleksandra Jovančevic for the story:

http://www.rtcg.me/tv/emisije/informativni/dnevnik-2/307118/dnevnik-19012021.html  (story starts from 24:56 min)

The first prize for the best journalistic story “On the sidelines” went to Željka Mirković. You can watch the story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud-sh9uKuSE

We thank once again all interested journalists and also congratulate to all the winners.