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Today, the trial for five police inspectors accused of extorting statements from Marko Boljević with severe violence continued before the Basic Court in Podgorica, where two witnesses who took a polygraph examination on the day in question, as well as a court medical expert, were heard. During the proceedings, the injured party’s attorney as well as the prosecutor requested the presentation of additional evidence, on which the judge would later declare, while the defendant’s attorney opposed the presentation of new evidence – except for one, considering it an unnecessary delay in the proceedings.

The victim Marko Boljević did not attend the hearing today, and the trial was followed by his father Goran Boljević, who was heard as a witness at the previous trial.

We consider it positive that the continuation of the trial is already scheduled for July 7. It is very important that court proceedings related to cases of serious violations of human rights are not unnecessarily delayed and that they are effective. In this way, the state shows clear readiness to not tolerate similar, thereby encouraging accountability and preventing future abuse of police powers.

Civic Alliance will continue to actively monitor this and other trials for torture cases, within the project ” No Impunity for Violations and Breach of Human Rights in Montenegro”, with support of Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.