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Aleksandra Milićević


Aleksandra, born in Mojkovac, graduated with a degree in Software Engineering from Moscow’s RUDN University, where she also obtained a second degree in Teaching Methodology for the Russian Language. During her time in Moscow, she actively participated in various competitions, earning accolades such as the best second-year student project award and first place in the “History of Russia” competition. Her initial professional experience and internship were at RUDN University, where she worked as a Data Analyst. She also gained experience in marketing, focusing on SEO optimization for various websites. Later, she transitioned to a career in translation, achieving success as a freelance translator. She is currently employed in Civic Alliance as an interpreter for the Russian language as part of the UNHCR project entitled “Providing legal assistance to asylum seekers, refugees and persons at risk of statelessness in Montenegro”.

In her leisure time, she enjoys painting, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.