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Our team

Dusica Merdovic

Project Coordinator

Dušica Merdović is from Bijelo Polje. She graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Montenegro in Podgorica.

After her studies, she started working in the NGO “Pravni Centar” on UNHCR projects to provide free legal assistance to displaced and internally displaced persons, stateless persons, victims of violence and seekers of international protection. The job also included monitoring migration trends in border and cross-border areas.

In the Civic Alliance, he works on the project of providing free legal assistance to foreigners in the process of obtaining international protection, asylum seekers, foreigners with approved subsidiary and temporary protection, as well as refugees from Ukraine. She is a member of the Interdepartmental Working Group for the development and monitoring of the implementation of the Strategy on Migration and Reintegration for the period 2021-2025. from 11/19/2019 as a representative of the Civic Alliance. She attended a large number of seminars and trainings on the topic of asylum, migration and statelessness.

He loves mountains and rivers and enjoys their charms. He uses his free time to escape to the north, where he relaxes his soul.

She is married to Vasilija and has sons Vuk and Peter.