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Vaskrsija Klacar

Project Coordinator

Vaskrsija Klačar was born in Pljevlja. She completed her undergraduate and specialist studies at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Montenegro.

She initiated her career in the civil sector through a professional training program. Since 2023, she has been actively involved in the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), serving as a coordinator on various projects. Her engagement encompasses diverse project activities undertaken by YIHR, with a particular focus on projects related to the protection of rights for vulnerable groups such as Roma, LGBTIQ individuals, women, and transitional justice.

Involvement in transitional justice topics:

Vaskrsija actively participates in every commemorative event for war crimes that occurred in Montenegro, demonstrating a profound dedication to respecting victims and promoting justice. She has a keen interest in understanding the complexities of transitional justice, including aspects such as reparations, reconciliation initiatives, confronting the past, transgenerational trauma, regional cooperation, testimonial collection methods, artistic representation, reflection on victims, and the dangers of retraumatization. She recognizes the importance of transitional justice in healing post-conflict societies and working towards sustainable peace.

Through her commitment and activism, Vaskrsija passionately advocates for raising awareness among young people about the dangers of hate speech and its negative impacts. Simultaneously, she emphasizes the importance of nurturing a culture of remembrance as a means of confronting the past and building a better future.

She enjoys traveling and watching good movies.