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We underline that editorial team of the TV show „Robin Hood“ officilly addressed Higher court on 15 October 2013, with the request to postpone nforcement until the Higher court renders verdict after the appeal on verdict of Basic court in the proceeding for retrieving the money earned with no legal basis. We do not understand why Higher court did not decide instantly on this issue, as it mentioned in its response. Precisely, the response said that the council of Higher court would have a session soon, but more than a month passed since then. Bearing in mind the sensitivity of the problem, we ask why these two cases have not been consolidated and did anyone exert pressure on the police to provide assistance to the court in this case.

In parallel to the eviction of Mrs Vucicevic, Darko M. Ivanovic, media director of Civic Alliance, was arrested while he was on duty. On this occasion, we want to inform public that Ivanovic was taken into custody in Misdemeanor court after the expiration of legal basis for deprivation of liberty, so the publicity of the proceeding was not provided while he was questioned by the misdemeanor judge. We ask – Why? Especially because the Constitution defines that “Every person has the right to fair and public trial” and the Law on misdemeanor defines that police officers are obliged to take a person deprived of liberty urgently and without a delay to the court, with the request for initiation of misdemeanor proceeding.

Civic Alliance is especially interested if our colleague Ivanovic was legally deprived of liberty and if all standards of enforcement of means of coercion were respected, were they enforced in accordance with law and international standards and if the legal principle of proportionality of use of means of coercion was respected. Ivanovic was arrested while he calmly stood at the public space and did his duty, thus we invite Parliamentary Board to examine eventual violations of competences.

We are looking forward to fast and full responses of competent institutions.


Boris Raonic

Sent to: 

Supreme court Podgorica

Parliamentary Board for security and defense

Misdemeanor council Podgorica


Council for civic control of work of the police

Department for internal control of work of the police