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A group of NGOs calls on the political parties and their representatives to urgently resolve – in keeping with their responsibilities – the political crisis they have created, which is pushing the country into an ever deeper chasm from which there is no way out.
The institutional and political crisis in our country is worsening on a daily basis, which seriously threatens to collapse the legal system of Montenegro. Political subjects must show political and statesmanlike maturity in order to avoid further deepening of the current legal uncertainty, and to reach solutions that benefit citizens. Political dialogue is necessary in order to escape the current situation, which can have permanent adverse consequences for the entire society and represent a serious obstacle on the path to the European Union. Solving the issues in the judiciary is one of the urgent steps that must be taken in that direction, and political entities must treat it as a priority. International partners also expressed their concerns, pointing clearly to the responsibility of political subjects and calling for a dialogue to resolve the current situation. If they fail to reach a dialogue, we believe that the international community in Montenegro should also consider a more direct assistance in the process of establishing dialogue and constitutional balance in Montenegro. We invite colleagues from the civil sector to contribute to finding the best solution, as well as the academic community, which must be more actively involved in the establishment of institutional and functional democracy.

We want to believe that Montenegro is democratically mature enough to resolve the current situation in the democratic spirit and in accordance with democratic standards.

Signed by:
Civic Alliance
Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid
LGBT Forum progress
ROM “Phiren Amenca – Walk with us”
Youth initiative for human rights
LGBTIQ Social Center