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a) Manner of selection of candidates in ZIKS, security protocoles and structures, security practice in relation to and without security protocoles, division of duties and responsibilities for officers, with special focus on the role of Director of ZIKS;
b) Atmosphere of impunity of unprofessional behavior;
c) Lack of information for prisoners about their own rights;
d) Low awarenes of public on alternative sanctions system.

Goal of the analysis

Findings and recommendations will be presented to key members and shall be the basis for development of the Governemntal Strategy for Execution of Criminal Sanctions (2017-2020).


Local and foreign experts may apply, with minimum five years experience in prison security system.

Candidates may apply by sending the application that consists of methodology proposal, financial offer, and biography (with the reference contacts) at email office@gamn.org, not lately than 30 September 2016.

Commission, composed on representatives of Ministry of Justice, ZIKS, and NGO Civic Alliance shall evaluate applications until 7 October 2016.

Methodology proposal

Methodology proposal should include the proposal for manner of data collection and quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Financial offer

Financial offer should be in euros, and should cover honoraria and all costs of expert in amount that should not be higher than 2.800,00 EUR (gross amount).


Biography should not be longer than two (2) pages. Besides relevant information about previous experience, it should contain at least two references with contact data.