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The Memorandum signed and the public addressed:

  • Ajsa Hadzibegovic , CA – on the significance of networking and merging capacities within civil society today;
  • Aleksandar Dedovic, Alfa Center – on activism of citizens at the local level and readiness to engage in solving their problems, and availability and the support of institutions to civil actions;
  • Nermin Becirovic, Need – on importance of volunteer work and humanitarian work, and the need to replace activities of civil sector from Podgorica to other centers;
  • Dritan Abazovic, Mogul – on the level of civil awareness in regards to trends of ethnic distance and nationalism.

Representatives of these nongovernmental organizations and Civic Alliance who actively work on respect of human rights, rule of law promotion, increase of civil awareness and who also promote civil activism, have expressed today a wish to contribute to establishing new relations within civil sector trough international cooperation and therefore, contribute to their goals. Joint VISION Montenegro is civil and democratic society, based on the rule of law. Montenegro is developing as the society of active and informed citizens and public institutions function in accordance with the positive legal regulations aiming to achieve public interest. Signing the protocol is only one in a series of events that Civil Alliance plans in order to improve the cooperation within the civil sector and thus spur the civic activism on