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The Program supported the US Governemnt, in the framework of the IVLP Program, on topic „NGOs and civic activism”.

Participants had the opportunity to meet the work of a large number of non-profit organizations in the USA: Columbia County Washington, New York, Iowa city, Portland, St. Louis, Missouri, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Participants visited United States Department of State, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First, The University of Iowa Center for Human Rights, National Democratic Institute (NDI), Galup, etc. They had the opportunity to be welcomed by American families, to volunteer and see a number of cultural and sport activities organized during the visit. Experience and good practice achieved during these activities will be useful for the future work of participants, as well as contacts and networking with organizations from the USA and organizations of participants from other countries.


Participants in this program were from Chile, Egypt, Finland, Ethiopia, Haiti, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Morocco, Netherlands, Ruanda, Serbia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and of course, from Montenegro.