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Contribution to the efficiency, transparency and responsibility of the work of the courts in Montenegro towards all citizens, regardless of their national, political or other affiliation or commitment, and in accordance with Montenegrin legislation, good practices and recommendations of international organizations, is the goal of the Memorandum on Cooperation signed between the Supreme Court Montenegro and NGO Civil Alliance (CA).

We are convinced that the increase in transparency, responsibility and functionality of state institutions will be realized through the monitoring of cases that are before the competent courts, said Acting President of the Supreme Court of Montenegro Vesna Vučković, Ph.D., and Director of Civic Alliance, Milan Radović.

They believe that future cooperation will contribute to the strengthening of accountability in the judiciary, increasing the trust of general public in the work of the courts and improving cooperation between the judicial system and NGO sector in Montenegro.

According to the Memorandum, the Supreme Court will support implementation of projects, within its jurisdiction, human and technical capacities.

“They will encourage the presidents of competent courts to provide conditions for access to the representatives of Civic Alliance to the main trials for criminal offenses against the freedom and rights of people and citizens, against electoral rights, against life and body, criminal offenses related to the illegal crossing of the state border and people smuggling and criminal crimes against humanity and other goods protected by international law, except in the case of exclusion of the public from the main trial”, said Vesna Vučković.

Given that the focus of this NGO’s activities are all the courts that are competent to decide on the mentioned criminal acts, the Supreme Court will participate in consultations with its representatives and give advice for reports on the monitoring of certain criminal proceedings.

For years, through the application and implementation of various projects, and in cooperation with relevant public actors, Civic Alliance has contributed to the effective application of the rule of law, ensuring transparency and advocacy of public institutions on issues related to the protection and improvement of human rights in Montenegro, Milan Radović recalled.

“Efficient and independent judicial system is the cornerstone of justice and protection of basic human rights. This is why it is of great importance to monitor the functioning of the judicial system, i.e. the court and prosecutor’s office, in order to increase their responsibility in terms of professionalism from the aspect of efficiency, transparency, independence and respect for rights in connection with the trial and processes”, said Radović.

Civic Alliance will monitor criminal proceedings with full respect for the judicial system and laws of Montenegro and submit a report to the Supreme Court in order to obtain suggestions/comments and provide useful recommendations.