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This movie is dealing with xenophobia (hate of differences and others). Young people and leaders made this movie during the training in Prčanj, from 19 to 30 August 2016. Young people from seven European countries, who arrived from different national groups, worked jointly on a short movie with a desire to show that young people also have solutions and ideas for “Balkan without hate”.

Movie “SIGEMBR” is the product of a few months long work of organizations GEYC Association, Center for Youth Development – PRONI, Identities, Green Spirit, Seiklejate Vennaskond, IdejNet and NGO 35mm. This movie also represents the final training attended by 30 participants from seven different countries, in the frame of the project “Balkan without hate”, which has been implemented in the frame of the Program Erasmus +.

Goal of the project is to improve knowledge of young people about the history of Balkan and Europe, to make understanding of multicultural terms easier, to contribute to better understanding of the needs of other nationalities in their countries, to improve skills of young people in nonviolent communication, critical thinking, photo and video production, etc.