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Montenegrin political community is entering the New Year 2021 with ever stronger divisions that even the New Year’s trenches on the Western Front during the World War I would not be ashamed of. It has become increasingly difficult to grasp the agendas of parliamentary political groups, but what is certain is that almost no one is interested in building a common platform to overcome the problems and divisions that have burdened Montenegrin society for decades, which have only been intesified and become essentially the most important obstacle to necessary reforms.

The chronic lack of dialogue has become a feature of Montenegrin politics, further complicated by the hostile rhetoric of party leaders, who see signs of weakness in the agreement, and evidence of betrayal and hostility in different attitudes.

In the New Year, Montenegrin political community will have to face the fact that such divisions will block the work of the Constitutional Court, changes in the judiciary and prosecution, work on electoral legislation reforms, not to mention tectonic changes in economic policy and public services and public finances. These changes will not even be triggered unless political leaders start directing their energy towards the possibilities of agreement for the common good, instead of promoting their attitudes by encouraging divisions.

In this regard, it is worth recalling that ordinary people came out of those New Year’s trenches during the World War I throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays, in order to try, at least for a moments, to establish normal relations and overcome divisions, into which they were quickly dragged back by their leaders from both sides, and pushed into years of mutual warfare. This should be kept in mind when thinking about responsibility towards ordinary citizens.