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Seven civil society organizations (CSOs) joined in the Balkan Refugee and Migration Council – BRMC (Helsinki Committee of Albania (AHC); Belgrade Center for Human Rights (BCLP); Civic Alliance from Montenegro (GAMN); Civil Rights Program Kosovo (CRP/K), Group 484, Macedonian Association of Young Lawyers (MYLA) and Your Rights Bosnia and Herzegovina (VP BiH) appeal for peace, respecting international human rights law and stopping of all military actions in Ukraine.

The current situation is alarming, with thousands of civilians leaving their homes fleeing from war. This call is for immediate reaction with aim to prevent the humanitarian disaster and save thousands of lives, and to prevent exodus of refugees inside and from Ukraine.

We are facing human rights violation, where the lives of civilians are directly endangered.

Therefore, we invite all stakeholders to provide support to the people who stayed in Ukraine, protect those who were forced to flee and do everything to create conditions for them to return as soon as possible to their homes.

In the world of 21st century that cherishes democracy and respect of human rights, it is an imperative to ensure peace, security and freedom.