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School of Political Studies has organized a seminar “Ethical Reporting of the Media on Socially Vulnerable Groups”. The seminar will be held in Ulcinj at Plaza Hotel, from 5 to 7 February, 2020.

Dritan Abazović, Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro will open the seminar on Friday, February 5 at 5.45 pm. On the same day, the seminar participants will be addressed by Stefan Almehagen Sandstad, Second Secretary of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, Boris Raonić, President of the Civic Alliance and Director of the School of Political Studies and Radomir Kračković, Vice-president of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro. An introductory lecture on “Media Reforms in the Region and Political Influences” will be given by Dragan Sjekloća, news editor at Al Jazeera TV.

Over the next two days, there will be discussions on ethical challenges in the media, media accountability and professional standards, with special emphasis on reporting on vulnerable groups as well as attacks and pressures on journalists and the consequences on the freedom of expression, cooperation between Montenegrin journalists and state institutions, economic sustainability of Montenegrin media and political pressures. One of the topics of the seminar include socio-economic conditions in which Montenegrin journalists work and protection of their labor rights. The third day of the seminar is reserved for freedom of expression and protection of journalists in the context of Montenegrin media reforms and promotion of Council of Europe standards, ethical media reporting in times of crisis, reforms of the media legal framework in Montenegro and regulation of media content on digital platforms.

The seminar is organized with the support of the Norwegian Embassy, the Balkan Endowment for Democracy (BTD) and the Media Union.

You can see the agenda of the Seminar HERE.