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This is particularly evident in the domain of transparency of work of the Commission and decision-making process, and in introduction of standards in quality control of projects.

On the other hand, Ministry of Finance continuously violates administrative procedures and has not required from organizations, which did not submit all required documentation, to complete it afterwards. Therefore, Civic Alliance shall even this year initiate proceedings before the Administrative Court regarding the violation of this right.

Still, it is visible a tendency to primarily “deliver assistance” through this allocation of funds to non-governmental organizations, rather than selecting the best projects, in accordance with priorities and needs, and approve them in amount that is necessary for its appropriate implementation. Experience of previous distributions says that the acceptance of any amount of funds does not ensure that the project will be implemented adequately, or ever be implemented at all. We would like to note that in this manner civil society organizations are placed in a very difficult situation where they weigh between the desire to contribute to society and the target group, and simply the inability to carry out the project properly with significantly reduced means.

So, in this manner, we inform the Commission for allocation of funds from the lottery that we are not able to implement the project “Rampolimpiks”, for which was approved 15% of the requested amount. We apologize for this to the target group, clients and partners for postponing this idea until some further opportunity.


Ajsa Hadžibegović
Program Director of CA