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At the same time, the Coalition reminds that people from Roma and Egyptian community in Montenegro are generally still endangered and exposed to stigma and discrimination. Although we welcome the efforts of the country, we would like to invite public institutions to undertake necessary measures aiming at integration of Roma and Egyptians in the society.

It is unacceptable for the coalition if Roma and Egyptians still do not have adequate living conditions, and if discrimination in education exists, if they still do not have equal treatment and access to all spheres of life and especially employment and right to health protection.

We believe that information saying that some Roma and Egyptians work six, seven or eight years, and still have not received insurance and years of service, are defeating, but also that members of this community who are disabled persons do not have adequate living conditions, citizenship, statement on birth registry, insurance, right to material family benefits, that they do not have adequate housing conditions and adequate health care protection of seriously ill persons.

Also, we invite the country to improve the efforts on the plan to prevent children from work, minority and forced marriages, or prevent these people to become victims of trafficking of human and economic and sexual exploitation. It is necessary if the country struggles more for integration of this national community through efficient use of funds, especially fund for exercising minority rights.

The Coalition reminds that even the small steps change the world and make it better place for everybody, where differences are cherished and do not represent the reason for discrimination.

Podgorica, 7 April 2014

Forum MNE, Podgorica
Civic Alliance, Podgorica
Center for Roma Initiatives, Niksic
Association of Egyptians, Tivat
RU┼ŻA, Berane