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In the course of the last meeting, Government and NGO representatives of six counties in the region have been working on the finalization of the documents which, along with the draft Agreement on the foundation of this international organisation, will be sent to the Governments of the countries in the region from which they received the mandate for their work.

The Working group was dealing with the preparation of the documents which will define mission, vision, activities of the future organisation as well as the method of financing. The mandate of the RG for the establishment of the Regional Office ends on 1st of March when all the documents will be finalized. After the 1st of March, the continuance of mutual coordination and communication of the Governments in the direction of the final agreement is expected, as well as the official signing on the next Conference on Western Balkan which will take place in Paris this year. In the course of the three-day work of the working group, series of info sessions and meetings were organized, where the key interested groups as well as the general public were informed about the process itself and the expectations until the end of this and the beginning of 2017. year.

A panel “Initiatives for the Western Balkan Youth” was also organized during the meeting, by the French and German embassies and with support of Geta institute. Program coordinator CA and member of RG Edin Koljenović as a panelist on the meeting has presented the former process as well as the challenges in the mobility empowernment and youth regional cooperation.