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We believe that in this manner, police officers helped this gathering to be successful, of peaceful and democratic character.

We also welcome clear messages of organizers for peaceful protest. At the same time, we would like to invite organizers to include sufficient number of staff who will help the police to identify, exclude and process all the people intending to express their protest violently. We would also like to address all the people who fight for their views and goals, to use dialogue and non-violent methods.

On the other hand, we condemn attacks on police officers, as well as the stoning of TV Pink premises and premises of Democratic Party of Socialists. Authorities should make the effort to identify and prosecute individuals who committed these acts. Civic Alliance still waits for information on procedures against people who have acted contrary to the law.

We would also like to mention that Civic Alliance researchers have monitored at the terrain last night’s protest and conduct of police officials. We are grateful to the Police Department for cooperation and their approval for monitoring of Security Center Podgorica.

Once again, we would like to invite Police Department to identify officers who exceeded competences for the last few days and to initiate proceedings against them, and to be open in communication with organizers and international community on this occasion. Persons obstructing investigation and hiding colleagues, should be prosecuted.


Milan Radović
Coordinator on Human Rights Program

Zoran Vujičić
Coordinator on the Rule of Law Program