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Necessary consultations were made and the support of Deputy Prime Minister for Political System, Internal and Foreign Policy, the Minister of Interior, the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro, the Supreme Public Prosecutor of Montenegro and leaders of non-governmental organization “Human Rights Action” and “Civic Alliance” was received, with which the Civil control of the police cooperated closely in this case.

The intention of the publisher was to prepare and present, for the domestic and international public, a unique publication which will objectively collect and neutrally present the achievements of all competent authorities and institutions in relation to complaints about excessive use of police powers – the Council for Civil Control of Police, Internal Control police in Montenegro, Protector of human rights and freedoms and the SSP of Montenegro.

Council for Civil Control of the Police has asked of the Internal Control of the Police, the State Prosecutor’s Office and the Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro to shortly present the performances of each individual complaint or report (citizens, NGOs and political parties) or its own initiative in relation to the conduct of the police during the civil protests in Podgorica, in October 2015, and all the actions taken on this occasion.

The established mutual communication and cooperation, on this occasion, have added value in the Montenegrin institutional and democratic context. Publishers believe that the publication contributes to transparency, professionalization and strengthening of institutions, it informs the public and encourages the constructive social and political dialogue and reasoned discussion about the quality of the regulatory authorities.

In the process of accession to the European Union Montenegro is bound by the principles on which the Union is based – freedom, democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. The right to physical integrity and human dignity are fundamental human rights. The duty of Montenegro is to ensure the prohibition of torture and all other forms of abuse, violence, degrading and inhuman treatment and punishment, and to protect the physical integrity and dignity on the basis of its own Constitution and laws as well as international human rights treaties. This book aims to contribute to the readiness of state institutions to guarantee the rule of law and ensure respect for human rights.

By carefuly reading of the offered content te observation of the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office, “To date, the perpetrator has not been identified.”, has been particularly evident. Therefore, the book has the function helping the police to cope with its past and in the function of deconstruction of the negative heritage and practices. Essentially it is necessary to establish a new police culture that does not allow abuse and the unacceptable, illegal, solidarity, lack of responsibility and limitation of any kind, oversight and investigations.

Co-authors of the book are Zdenka Perović, Ljiljana Klikovac, Drago Spičanović i mr Aleksandar Saša Zeković, who is also the editor of the book.

The book is available HERE.