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In this manner, Police Directorate tries to put its position over the Prosecution Office, which does not belong to it in hierarchical structure. Although the Law on the Special Prosecution Office says the Head of the Police Department shall be appointed by Director of the Police Director; this requires the consent of the Main Special Prosecutor. Clearly expressed attitude of Mr Katnic saying that the head of the investigating team should be a person whom he believes, is legitimate, because that person will work directly with him. Insisting that the team should be composed of people without any spots in their career, with good previous results in the police, and people who have a high level of safety culture that highly aims to ensure that information from investigations would not leak; shows a serious approach and work in accordance with the law. I would like to emphasize that the deadline for election, also given by the Council of the Rule of Law, was October 26, and that the deadline expired long ago. Recognizing the importance of the topic, Minister of Internal Affairs organized direct and joint meetings, but still there are no results, even the solution was announced then.

Actual activities of the Prosecution Office receive public sympathies, so we do not want to believe that independence in the work of the Prosecution Office and the willingness to do its job; regardless of who the perpetrator is, are the reason why the Director of the Police is ready to make obstruction of these activities at the end of his career.

I hereby send the appeal to Director of the Police Directorate to get serious, because such an open obstruction of work of Prosecution Office is unacceptable, as it slows down very important job in Montenegro, as well as integration processes. If he fails to appoint a person in the coming days, who meets legal conditions, as he already has the approval of the Special Prosecutor, then the procedure of dismissal of the Director of Police, who already deserved this several times, should be initiated.

Zoran Vujičić
The Rule of Law Program Coordinator