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The Civic Alliance (CA) welcomes the work of the Department of Internal Control of the Ministry of the Interior in resolving the cases of law violations during the police intervention in Cetinje on 5 September 2021. CA representatives were in the field during the enthronement of the metropolitan in Cetinje in order to monitor the respect of human rights and update the public about the information they obtained. On that occasion, they registered examples of excessive use of force by members of the police and excessive use of tear gas, which was established during the conversation with people who were interviewed at the police premises in Cetinje, but also with citizens in the city square. CA also called on the competent institutions involved in monitoring the work of the police to immediately investigate all allegations of illegal police behavior, register all violations and, in case of excessive use of chemical and coercive means, prosecute all those who violated the law.

We call for an improved transparency of the Police Directorate’s work in connection with the reports related to September 2022 events in Cetinje and ask that the public be adequately informed about the results of the work of the Internal Control Sector.

Bearing in mind the importance of these cases in terms of the protection of human rights, we ask that the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Cetinje investigate and resolve these cases efficiently and impartially.