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Edina Hasanaga Cobaj

Administrative Director

Edina Hasanaga Čobaj was born in Ulcinj. She completed pedagogical studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, as well as the university course Leadership and Youth Work, accredited by the Faculty of Communication in Jönköping, Sweden.

She founded the NGO Youth Initiative for Human Rights in 2006. For more than 16 years, as the executive director of this organization, she has been monitoring and documenting human rights violations in Montenegro in various areas, including inter alia politically motivated violence, torture by police and prison officials, discrimination, the right to a fair trial, hate speech, religious freedom, minority rights, etc. Her work also includes providing free legal aid and work with citizens.

Edina coordinated several regional projects in the field of human and minority rights. In addition, she is one of the authors of numerous reports on the state of human rights that have been published in Montenegro over the last two decades, as well as documentaries on the same topic.

Over the years in the NGO sector, she gained experience in planning and financial-administrative project management. For a time, she also worked with children with developmental disabilities. She is a nonviolent communication trainer and has held several trainings for young activists and professors. She works with young political leaders, journalists and NGO activists on human rights education through the School of Political Studies.

She was a member of the Council for the Protection of Patients of the Special Hospital for Psychiatry in Kotor, as well as the Council for Transparency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Also, she was a member of the local Commission for the disbursement of funds for local NGOs in Ulcinj. She is the founder and member of the People to People International branch in Montenegro.

She is an alumnus of the Democratic Leadership School, and a participant in several seminars in the field of human rights. She attended Gender Studies organized by the NGO Anima from Kotor, School of Communication organized by the Nansen Dialogue Center, seminars and workshops on public advocacy organized by USAID, and training on organizational development organized by Fondas. In 2001 Edina completed courses “Democracy and Human Rights” and “Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation” organized by the Nansen Dialogue Center.

She likes swimming.

She is married to Bernard, with whom she has son Dino and daughter Era.