Ivana Đođić was born in Nikšić. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of Montenegro in Podgorica with an average grade of C, and her specialist degree with an average grade of A, majoring in the history of law. During her studies, she was twice a participant in the Work and travel program in the United States of America.

She started working as an intern at Crnogorski Telekom, where she stayed until January 2021.

Ivana was a student of the XIX generation of the School of Political Studies.

Since April 2021, she has been engaged in the Civic Alliance as a legal advisor, as part of the UNHCR project entitled “Providing free legal aid to asylum seekers, refugees and persons at risk of statelessness in Montenegro”. In September 2021, she was appointed as a member of the Ethics Committee that monitors the implementation of the Code of Police Ethics with the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro.

She is married to Milan, with whom she has son Petar.