Milan Radović is from Mojkovac. He graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology in Niksic. So far, he worked on several research projects in areas of human an minority rights and the rule of law. Milan was lecturer of Sociology in High school until 2007, and since then he has been working in Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Montenegro and since 2012 he works in Civic Alliance. Milan coordinated more regional projects in human and minority rights areas. He was member of work groups for development of legislation in human rights area and was a lecturer on a number of seminars on human rights. He is one of the authors of more reports on judiciary, on minority rights, but also author of number of annual and quarterly reports on human rights in Montenegro. Milan attended School of Democratic Leadership, School of Social Entrepreneurship – an introduction to the Civic Education, School of Human Rights and several seminars on human rights.

Milan is member of the Council of Radio Television of Montenegro and member of the National Preventive Mechanism of torture (NPM).

Milan’s hobbies are basketball and soccer and he likes to spend time in the mountains. He is married to Marija, with whom he has a daughters Mia and Matea, son Maksim.