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CA team prepared the publication “Ten years since the opening of chapters 23 and 24. Are we making progress or standing still?” which offers a comprehensive insight into the progress of Montenegro in the last 10 years in the process of EU integration, with special reference to the above-mentioned chapters. This publication contains a detailed analysis of achievements and challenges in chapters 23 and 24, data showing our results so far, citizens’ opinion about this process, a critical review and recommendations for the next steps for improvement.
The publication is intended for all those interested in the European future of Montenegro and those who want to understand the current situation better. Regardless of whether you are a citizen, activist, student or politician, this publication will give you a deeper insight into our path towards the EU membership.

We believe that this publication will contribute to a better understanding of the position of Montenegro on the path to the European Union and will encourage you to think about how we can all contribute to this process.

You can find the publication HERE.