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Almir Causevic

GA Council

Almir Causevic was born in Ulcinj. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, majoring in European Studies (basic and specialist studies) in Podgorica at the University of Montenegro in 2010, while he completed his master’s studies at the Karl Franz University in Graz as part of the Center for Southeast European Studies in 2019. He published his master’s thesis under the supervision of Florian Bieber “Albanian minority in Montenegro: between cooperation and subjugation” in a book that is available in English, Albanian and Montenegrin languages. In addition to formal education, Almir also attended a series of trainings related to European integration, rule of law, reconciliation and dealing with the past, good governance, leadership and implementation of EU projects.

He started his involvement in the civil sector in 2007, when he participated in the work of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights and was involved in monitoring and documenting violations of human and minority rights in Montenegro. He also supervised the elections in Kosovo and Ukraine as an observer of the ENEMO network, as well as the elections in Montenegro. He was engaged in research related to various socio-political topics, and was engaged as a lecturer at various seminars and workshops on the subject of Euro-Atlantic integration. For many years, he worked for the NGO Monitoring Group from Ulcinj, with which he implemented a number of projects related to good governance, the rule of law, minority rights, monitoring and research of the work of local and national companies and public institutions. Almir was also an active associate of a large number of non-governmental organizations in Montenegro.

During his professional engagement, he also worked in the Delegation of the European Union in Montenegro as an administrative and technical assistant in the infrastructure sector, while he also collaborated with national and international organizations on the subject of secondary public procurement and project management. Also, in recent years, it has been included in IPA bilateral cross-border cooperation programs, within which it provides support to program management structures, potential users of EU funds and project users.

He is one of the authors of several reports on minority rights, the state of human rights in Montenegro, gender policies, corruption, good governance, while at the same time he participated in the process of drafting reports within the General Periodic Review (UPR) of human rights.

Almir has been involved in football for many years, which remains a hobby that he follows regularly.