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As part of the project “Society for the Fight against Corruption in Montenegro,” the workshop “Fight against eco-crime through research and public advocacy” was held for local NGOs and media. The workshop was led by investigative journalist and civil and environmental activist Vuk Vujisić, who, using real examples and through the active participation of the training participants, effectively contributed to the building of their capacities when it comes to research techniques, and how best to advocate the ideas of the fight against environmental crime.

After the successful workshop, attended by about 20 participants, it was determined that environmental crime is a real threat that requires attention and action. At the workshop, which was highly interactive, the attendees discussed practical examples and the importance of their research.

Tools for investigating environmental crime are essential. At the workshop, participants learned about effective methods of evidence collection and analysis to stop the misuse of natural resources.

It was established that public advocacy is a powerful tool for the necessary changes in this area. The participants discussed how NGOs and the media can work together to raise the awareness of citizens and institutions and how they can influence policy changes in this area.

Group work is the key to success, so our participants actively participated in group exercises, which will help them to cooperate better in future projects.

The workshop also enabled excellent networking of people, so it was agreed that through future activities, we will continue to work together to create a better and fairer society, with special attention to environmental issues.